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Youth Firearm Safety

Are your kids ready to talk about guns and gun safety, but don't know where to start? Then this class is for you! Designed for youth ages 7-12+ this informative class discusses issues around firearms and firearm safety in a way that is engaging and easy to understand. The class is intended as an introductory safety course and is perfect for youth interested in firearms, or as a precursor to being taught how to shoot by their parents.

The Youth Firearm Safety Course is an introductory safety class intended to introduce youth to the concepts of firearm safety.  The course includes a section on the basic aspects of how firearms work, and an overview of the different types.  Safety concepts such as what to do if a child discovers a firearm when an adult isn't around, when it is okay and not okay to handle a firearm, the four cardinal safety rules, and proper handling techniques are all covered.  Adults should attend the class alongside their child to answer specific questions the child may have and encourage them in the learning process.  Please note that we include one personalized course completion certificate per signup.  Additional certificates require additional signups.

NOTE: This is not an NRA approved course, but is written and administered by an NRA certified instructor.

Course Topics:
-Overview of the different types of firearms
-How firearms work
-Components of ammunition and how they work
-What to do if a child encounters a firearm and an adult is not around
-When its okay to handle a firearm
-When its okay to shoot a firearm
-Where its okay to shoot a firearm
-Four cardinal firearm safety rules
-NRA firearms safety rules
-Safe firearm handling
-Difference between TV, video games, and real life
-Recommendations on how to be safe with toy and replica firearms
-How to safely store firearms in the home

What's included?

2 Videos
1 Quiz
11 Presentations
Ben Bower
Ben Bower
Chief Instructor / Company Manager

About the instructor

Background / Experience:

  • Security
  • Law Enforcement
  • Search And Rescue
  • Emergency Management
  • CERT
  • Survival
  • Firearms
  • Emergency Medicine (EMT)

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