The Oregon Concealed Handgun course is a detailed concealed handgun class that consists entirely of online training. The class focuses on many topics related to concealed carry, including laws and legal aspects, gun safety, a section on basic tactical first aid and much more. We wanted to cover every aspect of carrying concealed so that students are properly informed and prepared, not only to get their license, but also to be responsible gun owners. After completing this course the student can apply at their local Sheriff's Office for an Oregon CHL which is valid in Oregon, states that recognize an Oregon CHL, and states that do not require a license to carry concealed. This course is completed entirely online at your own pace and you will have 30 days to complete the class once you checkout.

This course has been updated to reflect the most recent legislative changes brought about by SB 554, which bans the carrying of concealed handguns in certain types of buildings in Oregon.

NOTE: This is not an NRA approved course, but meets the requirements for an Oregon CHL, and is written and administered by an NRA certified instructor.

Course Topics:
  • Handgun and action types
  • Revolver basic overview
  • Semi-automatic basic overview
  • Factors in choosing a CHL handgun
  • Ammunition basic overview
  • Factors in choosing CHL ammo
  • Ammo malfunctions
  • Mechanical malfunctions
  • Firearm safety
  • Basic rules and considerations of carrying concealed
  • Where you can and can't carry
  • States with reciprocity agreements
  • Shooting fundamentals such as grip, sight picture, breathing, etc.
  • How to determine dominant eye
  • Common stances and their pros and cons
  • Using a firearm in self defense
  • Mental awareness
  • What to do during a confrontation

  • What to do after a confrontation
  • Psychological and legal aftermath of a confrontation.
  • Tactical First Aid Basics
  •  Tourniquets, type and application
  •  Hemostatic Agents and their use
  •  Pressure bandages
  •  Treating abdominal wounds (gunshots)
  • Tension pneumothorax
  • Occlusive dressings
  • Safe handling and carry
  • Holsters: Overview and selection
  • Safe storage of firearms and ammunition
  • Travel tips
  • Strategies for home safety
  • What to do when interacting with the police
  • Section quizzes to test learning and comprehension

Course Curriculum

  • 1


    • Introduction and Course Objectives

  • 2

    Firearms and Ammunition

    • Types of Handguns

    • Revolvers

    • How a Revolver Works

    • Revolvers Continued

    • Semi-Automatic Handguns

    • How a Semi-Auto Handgun Works

    • Semi-Automatics Continued

    • Firearm Selection

    • Ammunition and Malfunctions

    • Knowledge Test #1

  • 3

    Concealed Handgun Fundamentals

    • Firearm Safety

    • Carrying Concealed

    • Fundamentals of Shooting

    • Using a Firearm in Self Defense

    • Knowledge Test #2

  • 4

    Additional Considerations

    • Tactical First Aid Basics

    • Safe Handling and Carry

    • Home Safety Considerations

    • Knowledge Test #3

  • 5


    • Final Quiz

    • Conclusion and Course Completion

About the instructor

Chief Instructor / Company Manager

Ben Bower

Background / Experience: Security, Law Enforcement, Search And Rescue, Emergency Management, CERT, Survival, Law Enforcement and Private Security Firearms Instructor, NRA Firearms Instructor, ​Emergency Medicine (EMT-B and FLETC certified Tactical Medical Instructor).

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